Television X Launches 'TVXflix' On Demand Service for YouView

Bob Johnson

LONDON — U.K. adult television network, Television X, announced the launch of "TVXflix," a new on demand movie service for the YouView TV set top box.

The company said the service is the first adult app on YouView. It will appear as an adult player within the on demand section of YouView offering viewers HD adult movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Viewers can browse the entire Television X library for free and then choose between a 48- hour rental of a film for £4.99 (about $7.60) or an unlimited subscription of £9.99 (about $15) a month. Subscribers also get free online access to the entire Television X catalogue accessible on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

As well as being the first adult player on YouView, TVXflix will also be the first adult application in the U.K. to fully age verify all customers before they can view any content to ensure that they are over 18, according to the company. This is part of a larger campaign set up by TVXflix to ensure child protection from inappropriate content.

The operators said that the service will remain secure, discreet and will never appear on the viewer’s bill.

See TVXFlix's YouTube channel here.

To watch a SFW TVXFlix promotional video click here.