Villaraigosa Has 5 Days Left to Sign Safer Sex Act

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has five business days left to act on the city’s Safer Sex Act approved by the City Council earlier this week.

He can choose to sign in concurrence with the council, not sign or veto the ordinance. If he chooses not to sign it, it will still become law.  

“I can’t speak specifically about what he’s going to decide to do with the file, but I don’t think it’s in danger,” a representative from Villaraigosa’s office told XBIZ.

The representative explained that the mayor’s staff will review the file over the next few days and submit their recommended action to him. The mayor will then “make his own determination” about what to do.

June 28 is the last business day of the current administration.

“It’s very possible that if Mayor Villaraigosa chose to do nothing, it would just roll over to the first [of July],” the representative said. Eric Garcetti will be mayor at that time and will have one day to take action on the measure.

The Los Angeles Safer Sex Act will amend the city’s current ordinance mandating condom use in porn shoots to mirror the language and intent of Measure B. It will also give the county the power to enforce the law and collect fees on its behalf.