BelAmi Remakes 'An American in Prague' in 3D

Lila Gray

PRAGUE — BelAmiOnline has released the first scene from its 3D remake of "An American in Prague." It is also available in 2D.

The studio returned to the old city of Prague to shoot the new version of the 16-year-old classic. It will release 10 scenes over the course of the summer.

Mike Lovell plays the token American jock in the remake, who, like original star Chance before him, is visiting Prague for the first time. Bel Ami’s “kinky angel” Kevin Warhol helps the tourist find his way around the city.

The first scene, now live, stars Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosco, getting down and kinky with leather boots, rope and literally a gymbag full of toys.

An American in Prague co-stars Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Jim Kerouac, Rick Laughtner, Phillipe Gaudin, Adam Archuleta and Luke Hamill.

To celebrate the completion of the remake, BelAmiOnline is offering the original film — never available on the web  —starring Johan Paulik and Dominik Filla, in addition to Chance.