PAY4 Integrates NATS in International Payment System

FRANKFURT — PAY4 announced today that it has integrated NATS into its payment system platform.

The company said the addition would now make it easier for clients to cash in on the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit and other cashless payment options by integrating their varied payment platforms within the NATS statistical tracking system.

"NATS has demonstrated the core competency, customer service focus and statistical tracking that PAY4 clients desire from their backend software" PAY4’s Sascha Winklersaid. "Our integration within the NATS software options makes it even easier for our existing customers and new clients to expand the reach of their brands into more markets while enhancing the profitability of their companies — simply by providing visitors with better choices and payment options on route to becoming members."

According to the company, SEPA was created in 2008 to provide uniform procedures and standards for credit transfers and direct debits. The process works across all borders in the EU and allows consumers to make payments online directly from their bank accounts without the use of a credit card. The system has already been tremendously successful with more than twice as many potential consumers capable of using it in the EU than in the entire U.S.

"PAY4 provides expertise in the rapidly growing areas of cashless online billing and mobile payment platforms," Vlad of NATS and said. "We are always looking to add the best back end options for our user base so that NATS provides value in as many ways as possible. Choosing NATS gets you the best stats, tracking and security possible, but perhaps even more importantly it allows you to easily access terrific integrated services like PAY4 to reduce your effort while amplifying your success. We are very excited to now include PAY4 as a fully integrated payment platform."

PAY4 NATS integration also allows clients to accept payments via the Qooqo smartphone wallet and allows mixing traditional online bank transfer systems with SEPA Direct Debit capabilities. This combination allows merchants to generate sales with the initial payment secured and recurring payments via SEPA Direct Debit based on valid data only, dramatically reducing the possibility of fake data or junk orders effortlessly. Adding these choices to the flexibility for accepting up-sells, x-sells, single billing or recurring memberships makes the PAY4 implementation in NATS a suite of simple services.

For more information about PAY4 solutions visit Existing NATS clients may also speak with their NATS representative to initiate payment processing with the integrated PAY4 admin options now available.