Pjur Releases Pjur Woman Nude

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — Pjur has introduced the sixth and final product of its Sexy Six collection, pjur Woman Nude.

The water-based lubricant is free of any additives, including glycerin, parabens, oils or perfumes.

“Nude means naked or raw,” pjur’s Rich Harris told XBIZ. “For the adult market, it’s a good name because it has two meanings: a sexual meaning and an ‘in the raw’ kind of meaning.”

Harris believes while the lubricant market is saturated with natural, additive-free products, they are sub-par “from a performance standpoint.”

Pjur Woman Nude was designed expressly to effectively lubricate and moisturize women’s skin while conforming to a healthy standard.

“Often, less is more,” said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of pjur Group. “We have developed pjur Woman Nude especially for women who pursue a conscious lifestyle. Thanks to the neutral formulation, it is perfect for the soft and sensitive female skin.”