ThriXXX Unveils Virtual Reality Sex Simulator Prototype

Lila Gray

CYBERSPACE — has united affordable off-the-shelf technologies and in-house software to create virtual sex simulations to be enjoyed at home.Currently, the product is in development and is projected to release in 2014.  

The virtual reality “sex kit” combines existing components, like Zeiss’ USB mounted display glasses, Microsoft Kinect’s gesture-based camera, Fleshlight’s USB VStroker, Mindwave’s Neorosky Controller (EEG tracker) and webcams with ThriXXX’s proprietary graphics and animation to achieve a believable simulacrum of sexual relations.  

“We take all these pieces from all the mainstream guys, you know, that don’t want us to do this kind of stuff and put them together and show people that VR now can be affordable," ThriXXX VP of Business Devlopment Brad Abram told XBIZ. "You don’t have to have data gloves anymore or motion capture and all this ancient technology that’s really cumbersome and expensive.”  

Essentially, a head mounted diplay allows “players” to simulate full-immersion into a self-built fantasy world that they can control through basic voice commands and hand gestures. An EEG reader sends raw brain data to a laptop via USB connection, displaying mental states. Focus, excitement, attention, frustration and how relaxed one is can be tracked for neuro-control of a game action.

“Everyone’s kind of been waiting for the 'Matrix' or the 'Avatar' sexual experience where you jack in and jack off,” Abram said.

While Abram conceded that the company’s current graphics are not quite up to par with Hollywood's cutting-edge CG spectacles, he said “the whole concept is there.” He also mentioned that ThriXXX’s graphics are currently getting a makeover.

According to Abram, the VR sex kit can be purchased for $500-$1,500 and anyone with a Kinect or big screen TV can spend a few hundred dollars have “this new kind of experience.”

To empower community development, ThriXXX is starting an Open VR Sex API project incorporating feedback from developers and other interested parties. Abram said that an API is the “glue,” or a script, that can tie software to hardware.

ThriXXX hopes that by allowing third parties to play with its API, it can attract sex researchers or other nonporn entities to legitimize the product, as well as develop broad applications for it.

“We could probably do more about teaching young people about safe sex using our videogame than any way else.” Abram said, explaining one possible nonadult avenue for the kit.

In a few weeks, ThriXXX will release 3D Chat Client, a service that enables users to virtually interact with each other using avatars.

According to Abram, injecting “positive, fulfilling” sexuality into games might be able to combat what he perceives as an excess of violence saturating the market.

The newly launched features a SFW and NSFW demo of the gear in VR mode and is currently advertising a chance for a select few to win and test the equipment. is a purveyor of VR sex games for the PC, including 3D Sex Villa 2 and Hentai 3D 2.