Fleshbot.com Teams With Pink Visual for Site Redesign

NEW YORK — Adult blog Fleshbot.com announced today that it has partnered with Pink Visual to give the site a new look, smoother functionality, and a more user-friendly interface.

“We’re looking to take Fleshbot to the next level, and working with Pink Visual’s developers and designers was a great way to get there,” Lux Alptraum, editor and publisher of Fleshbot said. “We’ve already built a large and loyal audience for the site, and this overhaul is going to make the experience of being a Fleshbot reader all the more enjoyable.”

Work on the new version of Fleshbot began several weeks ago, and while much of the focus of the redesign is on front-end aesthetics and navigation, Pink Visual has also migrated site to a state-of-the-art high availability cluster, designed to improve the site’s overall response and performance.

“Speed and stability are hugely important to us,” Alptraum added. “Those are key elements of providing a good advertising platform. Fleshbot utilizes an ad-supported revenue model, so the beefing up the backend is a crucial aspect of this redesign.”

Pink Visual vice president Kristin Wynters said that from her company’s perspective, the challenge was “to improve on Fleshbot’s skin without doing damage to its bones.”

“Fleshbot already has a great thing going, generating more than 8 million pageviews a month with its engaging and entertaining posts,” Wynters said. “This is a very different project than building out a whole new property, or redesigning a site that doesn’t have a large audience. We’re taking on the task of improving upon a site that is very well established, with a dedicated fan base that is used to a high level of quality.”

Wynters noted that the Fleshbot deal sprang from the company’s collaboration with lesbian porn producer Jincey Lumpkin, and is part of a new focus on providing B2B services on the part of Pink Visual.

“Our current B2B efforts grew out of our TopBucks Services wing and our initial experience in building mobile sites and whitelabels,” Wynters said. “The Jincey Lumpkin project was far more ambitious than creating a whitelabel; this was a full site build-out, including an entirely new mobile version.”

A preview of the redesigned Fleshbot.com can be seen here.