AB 332's Next Hearing Slated for Friday

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Assembly Bill 332 will be heard for a third time before the Assembly Appropriations Committee this Friday at the state Capitol.

The hearing will stream over the Internet on Friday at 9 a.m. here.

The bill was not heard at the previous Appropriations Committee hearing on May 8 because it had automatically been referred to the Suspense File, said Terry Schanz, press secretary to Assemblyman Isadore Hall.

Any bill that reaches a fiscal minimum of $150,000 is put on the suspense file without prejudice. Hundreds of other bills on the suspense file will also be heard on May 24, Schanz said.    

“Comments from folks opposed to AB 332 created minimal confusion on the twittersphere [about the bill],” Schanz told XBIZ. “It would be helpful if they familiarized themselves with the legislative process before making false statements.”

According to Schanz, there are no General Fund costs associated with AB 332 and “support for the bill continues to grow throughout the state.”

Karen Tynan, a labor attorney representing the adult industry opposition to AB 332, disagreed and told XBIZ that Cal/OSHA estimated the bill would cost the state well over $150,000.

“The state would essentially be buying litigation and buying a court fight,” Tynan said, anticipating lawsuits against the bill, should it pass.

AB 332 was introduced by Assemblyman Hall (D-Compton) in February and mirrors Measure B, which makes condoms mandatory for porn shoots in Los Angeles County.

If approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, AB 322 then would be voted on by the full Assembly. Pending approval by the full Assembly, the bill will be referred to the Senate and go through a similar policy and fiscal review process.