CCBill Launches New Portuguese Language Forms

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today the launch of its latest features, Portuguese language payment forms and online consumer support experience on the CCBill support website.

CCBill says these new additions to the CCBill Multi-Language International features were designed to help capture the nearly 80 million-plus Brazilian and global online users who speak Portuguese. 

The new features are already successfully being used by many of its merchants, including 10-year CCBill client ImLive, in the company’s new expanded effort to target and gain a share of the fast growing Latin American consumer ecommerce market.

“As a part of's initiatives to include automatic language adaption for site visitors, translating the system to Portuguese was one of the most important steps we could take,” said Shay E, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development for IMLive, PussyCash,

“With these latest CCBill feature releases, we can now offer materials in the native language of millions of Portuguese consumers, while providing full support on all platforms across the web, mobile devices and tablets. We are excited by the opportunities these features offer and are grateful to be working with a partner like CCBill for more than a decade.”

CCBill’s full library of multi-language payment forms are GeolP intelligent and translated to appear in each consumer’s language.

Additionally, the forms work well with both regional pricing and currency conversion tools to cohesively promote sites around the globe while continuously maximizing revenue potential from international payments. 

“The new Portuguese language forms allow CCBill to expand our international processing features and also further support the growth of our customer’s businesses,” said Jason Kirk, vice president of product development for CCBill. “With the official launch, the Portuguese language is now automatically enabled on all CCBill payment forms, allowing buyers the ability to select the Brazilian flag along with any of our other multi-language flags on their payment forms, as well as on the CCBill consumer support website.”

To find out additional information, contact CCBill here or call (800) 510-2859.