SexEntertain Launches Cloud-based 'Content Anywhere' System

LOS ANGELES — SexEntertain today announced the release of its cloud-based Content Anywhere System that allows webmasters to publish branded channels on streaming media devices such as Roku and GoogleTV, connected HDTVs, mobile and gaming devices.

The company said the offering works through a simple, fast and inexpensive interface to webmasters’ existing systems.

Using digital media files, digital assets and metadata stored in existing website systems, the branded channels are created for the varied devices. Webmasters need only output from their existing systems via RSS, CSV or XML and can maintain control over their customers, billing, data, content and schedules for their channels. The system works with any CMS or database.

SexEntertain noted that the total cost of ownership is less than half what other vendors charge to create similar channels, let alone host, support and operate them.

“We service webmasters facing the double challenge of selling memberships to paying customers and competing with ad-driven sites offering free content. We designed Content Anywhere as an easily used and economical solution to both challenges,” company President RJ said.

He added, “First, it's very fast and easy to create branded channels on Roku, GoogleTV, Android and Apple iOS devices using Content Anywhere. We connect to your existing systems, you don’t have to do the work; our technology does it. Second, your customers now expect the ‘Watch Everywhere’ premium experience when paying for content, just as they get with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc. Content Anywhere delivers this ‘Watch Anywhere’ premium experience to your customers boosting your conversion and retention in the process. Third, SexEntertain charges less than half the going rate from conventional vendors, and we host and service the branded channels as well.

“Lastly, Content Anywhere gives webmasters with complete control over their customers and content, and need only select and schedule the content within their existing systems that they want to appear on their branded channels. SexEntertain does the rest. If you have yet to deploy your sites on connected HDTV channels, mobile and gaming consoles, consider SexEntertain's Content Anywhere System.”

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