Adam & Eve Finds 'Type of Action' Key in Choosing Adult Films

Bob Johnson

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — The ‘type of action” was most important to a majority of the respondents asked what influenced them in choosing an adult movie according to Adam & Eve’s latest online survey.

Whether they’re buying the latest big-budget adult DVD or watching free content online, more than 1000 adults surveyed by the company revealed that adult fans have their own criteria when it comes to their viewing habits.

The survey said more than 40 percent of those queried (who could choose multiple answers) picked their favorite action as their motivator, while 25 percent said the storyline was a key viewing factor.

Price was important to 21 percent of the field, 20 percent said the adult star palyed a role,18 percent said the title, and only 7 percent said the number of scenes helped them choose.

“It’s interesting to note that even with the amount of free content online, adults are still purchasing movies based on storyline. What we are seeing is adult viewers who can pick and choose their content according to mood, taste and budget,” Adam & Eve resident sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk said.

An independent third-party conducted the web-based survey of American adults age 18 and over.

Adam & Eve director of marketing Chad Davis noted that regardless of the type of action viewers prefer, the company’s adult content represents a healthy image of sexuality. “Whether our customers prefer to order a DVD through our catalog or website, or watch Adam & Eve’s video-on-demand channel, they can rest assured the content is sex positive,” he said.