pjur Launches 6 New Products Internationally

Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur has introduced five new lubricants and a new spray for international sales.

“The feedback from our clients, both in the b2b and b2c segments, has had great influence on the development of these new products. One product the trade should look forward to in particular is the new pjur Woman Nude as it is completely free of additives,” said Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur group. “But the other new products are also spectacular, all of them great additions that have been anxiously awaited by many people in the market.”

Among the new releases is the neutral, water-based lubricant pjur Woman Nude — a lubricant free of preservatives, parabens and glycerin, as well as two new entries in line of pjur double effect glides —the water-based pjur Espresso that brings a “caffeine kick” to the user experience and is free of taste or smell, and pjur Cool — a water-based product with a cooling effect.

The two new water-based anal glides pjur Back Door Comfort Glide and pjur Analyse Me Comfort Glide top off the company’s range of premium-quality anal lubricants. Both products have been enriched with natural hyaluronan, a substance that can bind great amounts of water. This way, it creates small “water pillows” that support and increase the lubricating effect, the company said.

pjur group has also introduced pjur med After Shave Spray that has been developed to counter irritations and small spots that result from shaving. Like all pjur products, it does not contain alcohol or perfumes to soothe and nurture the stressed skin region.

“With our new products, we can close a couple of gaps in the market,” Giebel said. “They represent additions to our tried and true top sellers. So while appealing to new target audiences, they also represent perfect additions to our existing range of top sellers, and they are particularly suitable to be sold in bundles, for instance.”