LotzaDollars Acquires Teen-Niche Affiliate Program Dream-Cash

DETROIT — LotzaDollars.com today announced that it has acquired Dream-Cash.com and given the affiliate program site a complete redesign.

"We've brought the program to where it should be in today's marketplace. A retooling of the entire program has already taken place," owner Ed Dooge told XBIZ. "We've revamped everything from the tours, join pages and members areas. 

"The new video player, all the new video formats, along with the positive member feedback has confirmed our efforts are already paying off." 

Dooge said that he closed on the Dream-Cash affiliate program deal in November. The program includes 15 teen-niche sites and has been active since 1997. One site in the program, TeenDreams, has more than 5,600 models, 1.4 million images and about 2,000 movies, Dooge said.

"Dream-Cash is a great addition to my affiliate program LotzaDollars," Dooge said. "It allows us to trade with other programs that we would have never been able to approach.

"The teen market is an absolute different animal for sure. The membership price points are way different than any other niche I've seen out there."