Elevated X Introduces Pay Site Optimizer Service

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X, the established CMS software provider that services the adult industry, has announced the launch of a new marketing service that can be used by anyone who owns an adult pay site.

As the name suggests, the new Pay Site Optimizer service gives pay-site owners the data and knowledge they need to optimize their sales.

For an introductory, one-time price of $395, Elevated X said it will provide a detailed analysis of your pay-site’s tour, join page and member’s area and compile a custom site-optimization strategy report covering eight key areas. Each report includes useable examples, recommendations, tips and strategy ideas for increasing sales.

“We’re providing insights, tips, examples and strategies that pay-site owners can use to turn their sites into sales machines," said Elevated X CEO AJ Hall. “In some cases, a series of small tweaks taking just a few minutes is all that’s needed to see an increase in sales. The trick is knowing what changes to make. Our Pay Site Optimizer reports give site owners a detailed roadmap to follow and take away the mystery surrounding growing sales.”

Among the insight each report offers is an overview of what competitors are doing differently, ways to optimize your site for more search-engine traffic, how to change your site’s text and sales copy to convert more sales and how to make piracy work to your advantage, the company said.

“Most sites already have big sales potential but are missing a few critical elements and as a result, the sites aren’t selling," Hall continued. "A lot of pay sites have great content but the people running the sites have no idea how to generate sales."

A recognized pay site and marketing expert, Hall has been speaking at trade shows and writing for industry publications since 2008. He pens the monthly “Pay Site Power" column for XBIZ World magazine. Elevated X sells CMS software that powers more than 2000 pay sites. It was the winner of the 2012 XBIZ Software Company of the Year Award.

For more information visit paysiteoptimizer.com.