PAY4 Launches Qooqo Smartphone App for Mobile Payments

Rhett Pardon

FRANKFURT — PAY4 has introduced qooqo, an innovative mobile payment solution that is applicable worldwide.

PAY4’s qooqo app allows users to pay via stored account information on a smartphone app.

The app makes use of custom billing page QR codes for easy one-click checkouts and does not require the entering of any user or payment information. The customer simply starts the app, scans a qooqo code on the sales page and confirms the payment.

The qooqo payment platform allows all merchants to market adult-oriented content to mobile users around the world using Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. 

“The system offers worldwide content providers what currently is the best, fastest and least expensive access to billions of mobile consumers,” said Sascha Winkler, managing director for PAY4. “The app is backed by one of Europe’s leading providers of alternative online payment methods, with absolutely competitive terms and without entry barriers such as credit-card acceptance contracts.”

The new billing alternative also will appeal to consumers seeking a discrete and anonymous payment solution. For example, account and credit-card statements will only display “qooqo” as the invoice issuer, with full purchase information only available to the account holder under the “history” section of the app.

 “Qooqo is well-suited for one-time payments as well as for subscriptions,” Winkler said. “It works online and on the PC as well, since the customer can simply read the qooqo QR code with the app, then click and authorize. Additionally, qooqo is perfect for selling digital content of all kinds — from single photos to videos to subscriptions — plus memberships for dating platforms and video chats.”

Integrating qooqo as a payment method is simple, with the merchant providing a link to the app download.  

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