Mansion Productions Offering Price Guarantees on MPA3, MAS Products

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions announced today that it is are introducing price guarantee on its recently revamped flagship MPA3 V5 and MAS V2 products for new clients.

The new policy follows the company’s existing 30-day money back guarantee that assures users it will beat whatever price they’re already paying, or have been offered to pay.

“The last years we have been solely focusing on redoing and upgrading our core software MPA3 and MAS,” Mr. Wright, CEO and partner of Mansion Productions said.

He added, “MPA3 and MAS have been the industry leaders since they where introduced over a decade ago. We have been copied many times, but any company that leads the way as we do must expect that.”

The XBIZ 2013 Software Company of the Year noted that its MPA3 introduced cascading billing to the industry and is the only affiliate program software that has allowed third-party security auditing to check for any flaws and/or backdoors in the source code.

Further, Mansion said MAS was the first CMS to come up with a built-in §2257 archive as well as introducing the Background Execution Manager that handles all CPU-, HDD- and MySQL-intensive processes like rebuilding pages, creating thumbs, creating zip's and video extraction and transcoding. The features make it faster for the admin user and more agreeable to the server. It also eliminates the potential security issue of having all content folders with open web-writeable 777 permissions, which is a common issue to most CMS products having to update multiple files on the server. A visual Task Manager lets the admin monitor/pause/kill the currently running process, see and rearrange the list of queued processes, and check logs of finished ones.

To see demo of MPA3 V5 click here.

A demo of MAS V2 can be found here.

For more information on the products contact or visit and submit a contact form.