Firefox 20 Arrives With New Features, Improvements

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Mozilla today rolled out Firefox 20 for Windows, Mac and Linux, offering an update that allows surfers to run a private browsing session in a new window, alongside a standard Firefox browsing window.

Mozilla also debuted today Firefox 20 for Android. The browser allows private mode tabs next to standard session tabs and offers to customize the shortcuts on the home screen with favorite or most frequently visited sites

Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux also comes with a new download manager in the Firefox toolbar and offers new developer features including an option to view developer tools in a separate window to Firefox itself.

Developers also get with Firefox the getUserMedia, an important part of the Web Real-Time Communication specification that allows developers to quickly and easily write code that accesses users' cameras or microphones for voice calling, file-sharing and video chats, forgoing the need for plugins.