FreeOnes Launches Model Personals Stores Portal

THE NETHERLANDS — announced today the launch of its Model Personals Store portal.

The company said the new offering is an extension of the January debut of the Model Personals feature that allows models to use the site’s popularity and traffic to earn money by uploading their personal photo sets and videos.

“After we announced the Model Personals Store, we were already working on the portal,” Roald, managing director of FreeOnes said. “It made sense that if we were going to allow models to create stores to sell their content on FreeOnes, there should be one area on the site where visitors can see all the stores and uploaded content."

The portal features functions for both models and potential customers including a top 20, which lists the most popular stores and a latest video column that updates in real time.

Roald noted, “So if visitors keep an eye out, they will be able to see which models are actually updating their content on a regular basis. And of course visitors can find photo sets and videos based off categories, or they can see the top rated videos.

“Of course the portal isn’t the last feature to be launched for the Personals Stores. We have already added the ability for models to put custom descriptions on their content, and we’re about to make a feature available to leave comments on purchased photos or videos. We really want to keep things interesting so that both the models and visitors want to continue to use this feature.”

Models or solo girl webmasters who are interested in opening their own Model Personals can email