Kheper Expands in Europe

SEATTLE — With the recent addition of Eropartner BV to its European distribution network Kheper Games says it continues its rapid expansion of its international business.

“We are very proud to attract Eropartner as one of our key partners in Europe,” said Dariusz Kaliszuk, vice president of international business and economic development. “Their focus on high end, design conscious boutique products makes inclusion of our products a big complement and is a milestone in the transformation of Kheper branding and product strategy.

“Although I have been in charge of formulating our global business strategy since joining Kheper in 2009, Europe has always been close to my heart,” Kaliszuk said. “My Polish roots and working and living experience in Berlin, Frankfurt and London gave me a broad understanding of the needs of European market.”

Kheper Games, Inc. has been present in the international market nearly since the transformation into a game and novelty company in 2000. According to the company,its international expansion has accelerated even more so since 2009 when Kaliszuk joined the management team with strong focus on developing international strategy. The company currently works closely with its European distribution network which includes Tonga BV, and Scala in Netherlands, Orion in Germany, Spencer and Fleetwood and Creative Conceptions in the UK, Dildos Assorted and Grutinet in Spain and Concorde in France to name few. Kheper also works directly with large retailers like Ann Summers in the U.K.

“Our international expansion lead us to understanding that the our products can get ‘lost in translation,’ especially, when you are trying to convey a message to different cultural dialects,” Kaliszuk said. “This is why every aspect of a game needs to be taken into consideration. We work very closely with our local distributors to identify common cultural platforms, in order to find universal way of expression.

“We made a strategic shift to develop most of our Romance Line as a multilingual line. It allowed us to reach new markets, breaking the language barriers which had previously held us back,” Kaliszuk said. “This product line is designed be easy to understand regardless of the country and cultural differences , while also keeping it affordable for every market. We continue to customize our more elaborate games to cater to the markets which require a specific language. As a result we are rapidly growing Kheper’s international presence, and our products are distributed worldwide on every continent, sans Antarctica.”

The company also identified another main strategic growth area — the Spanish-speaking market. “Not only because the U.S. has the third largest Spanish speaking population in the world, but also because Spain and Latin America have proven to be one of the most important markets for us,” the company said. “Many new products come in bilingual version (English and Spanish), and Kheper team is very excited about creating more innovative games with these growing markets in mind.

“We are always excited to outperform. US remain our core market but globalization of world economy gives us more opportunities to deliver high end products at reasonable price to customers from Australia to Austria.”

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