Pink Visual Teams With Jincey Lumpkin, Michelle Lust for 'Aussie Lust'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Lesbian porn producer Jincey Lumpkin has partnered with Pink Visual and Australian videographer Michelle Lust to create Aussie Lust, a new video line featuring all Australian talent.

“Jincey’s aesthetic sense, Michelle’s shooting skill and Pink Visual’s distribution channels make a formidable team,” said Pink Visual President Allison Vivas. “Each of our companies gets to do what it does best, in a way that is complementary and mutually supportive of each others’ efforts.”

Lust, a former producer for Abby Winters, has been producing content for Pink Visual since late 2011, shooting primarily solo scenes featuring amateur performers. Lumpkin said that what caught her eye in Lust’s work was “the authenticity and honesty of it all.”

“Michelle is one of those producers who really lets the talent call the shots, and to do what comes naturally to them,” Lumpkin said. “Instead of working from a standard list of sex acts and positions and doing things by the numbers, Michelle encourages performers to do what feels good and feels right to them, and that’s what the Juicy Pink Box brand is all about; real women exploring their sexuality in an honest way.”

Lust said that she relishes the opportunity to work with Lumpkin and to grow her relationship with Pink Visual, as well.

“It’s great to work with people who understand and share your vision,” Lust said. “While our work is very different visually, Jincey and I take a very similar approach to production, one that puts a very high premium on the performers really enjoying the experience and on delivering a product we can be proud of.”

The first two episodes of Aussie Lust are now live on Lumpkin’s flagship site,