Cherry Media Releases Mobile Market Infographic

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA, Spain — In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Cherry Media has released an exclusive infographic demonstrating how the adult mobile world has changed over the past decade and what experts think the future holds.

As well as detailing the biggest moments for adult mobile over the last 10 years, the chart continues the theme of ‘10’ by showcasing future predictions from 10 of Cherry’s industry “mobile mates.” 

Insights in the infographic include: the birth of age verification; the growth of adult content on the European operator deck; and the “Apple adult app store scandal.”

The 10 future predictions include forecasts from industry visionaries including Terry Jackson (Admoda), Andrew Darling (OpenMarket) and Karen Ciulla (Private Media Group).   

“I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already and how much the tiny mobile market we entered a decade ago has exploded,” Cherry Media CEO and founder Julia Dimambro said. 

She added, “Mobiles have become such an integral part of everyday life it seems strange to think that only 10 years ago we were struggling to convince people that they would be using their mobile phones for entertainment. Here’s to the next 10 years and let’s see if our infographic predictions come true.”

The inforgraphic can be viewed here.