Wasteland, Ashley Fires Launch Sci-Fi Website

BOSTON — BDSM website Wasteland.com and adult star Ashley Fires’ Rebel Base Studios have teamed up to launch SciFiDreamGirls.com.

The offering is described as an explicit FemBot site in episodic video format set in a futuristic world with Fires as a mad scientist who programs fembots for sexual and domestic servitude.

According to the creators, the high-tech collaboration is targeting adult surfers, as well as sci-fi buffs and futuristic gaming aficionados.

“We are simply thrilled with this collaboration with Ashley, Jack and their team of very talented film makers to bring this unique genre to the world,” producer Colin Rowntree said.

The producers said the site’s “technosexual” slant puts forth the idea that our machines have become an extension of ourselves and soon they will be our lovers too. As this world of sci-fi becomes ever closer and more real, humans will be testing more and more advanced android prototypes.

“ScifiDreamGirls.com is the first of its kind. It’s something we have wanted to do for a long time,” director and producer, Jack Kona explained. “An original episodic website that follows specific plot lines. Recurring sexy characters that viewers get to know and love. High end production values, cool special effects and of course hardcore sex. We wanted to create that ‘what happens next’ anticipation with every episode. Viewers and talent alike are always very excited to see what the next video holds in store for them.”

Fires added, “I think the technosexual fetish and our site is a beautiful expression of dominance and submission. Developing Scifidreamgirls.com has allowed us the opportunity to be creative, think feely, and use our imagination. I am excited to embark on this great journey.”

Affiliates can promote the new website at SpiceCash.com.