Bonnie Rotten Stars in New Zombie Movie

VENICE, Calif. Bonnie Rotten stars in the zombie movie "It’s a Hard World" written and directed by Tommy Pistol.

Rotten, an avid horror movie fan, was delighted to be in the Smash Pictures release.

“This is so appropriate for me as an avid horror fan,” she said. “Knowing that Tommy is also a horror fan makes this project so special because we are harnessing old school horror and molding it into something delightfully dirty. When Tommy called me I was so stoked . My pin-up zombie alter ego is tattooed on the back of my right thigh. What a cool project to by my first feature film. This is going to be amazing.”

She then spent the weekend signing for Quik Video in Fairfield, Ohio then at the Hustler Store in Monroe.

That night she performed at the first club where she made her debut, Harem’s Gentleman’s Club.

Rotten also represented LA Choppers at the V-Twin Expo by Easyriders at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.

“It was an amazing trip,” she said. “I saw many people, old friends and new fans, and they were all super supportive. It feels awesome to be doing so well in my career at this point. I am truly blessed."

She's also been nominated as Best New Starlet for Rog Reviews Critics Choice Awards.

Fans can chat with Rotten at