Twitter's Vine Adds Age Verification Barrier

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Not taking any chances that porn might leak to unsuspecting viewers, Twitter’s Vine video-sharing service has added an over-17 age verification barrier for possible adult material.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod app that lets users create their own six-second video clips got popped late last month after a cache of porn was found on the service with one erotic video even making it to the “Editor’s Pick” list.

In the aftermath of the controversy Twitter tried to stem porn searches by blocking some terms like “#porn.” But this new move is buying insurance and comes in the wake of the recent decision by microblogging site Tumblr that adapted the over 17 warning to keep its iOS app from being banned by Apple for allowing porn.

The 500px photo app was also banned by Apple iTunes after consumer complaints about porn, but was reinstated in the App Store after it also applied a 17+ rating.

Vine’s older fix allowed content for users only 12 and older, but critics point out that although the new pop-up warning asks users to confirm if they’re over 17, anyone can tap “OK” and continue.

The Next Web reported that the new version of Vine also has the option to block users or report a profile, in addition to reporting videos with inappropriate content.