2000Charge Taps KiwiSourcing for Marketing, Branding

LOS ANGELES — Alternative payment company 2000Charge announced today that it has tapped KiwiSourcing to assist in the company’s marketing.

“I’m honored that 2000Charge has turned to me as a trusted source to assist them with their upcoming trade show events, marketing, advertising and branding," Jo Merlone, CEO of KiwiSourcing said.

Merlone who is also known within the industry as "Kiwigirl" added, "It is companies such as 2000Charge that I enjoy working with because of their outstanding reputation and ability to bring something to the table that so many can benefit from, which makes me feel good to be a part of.”

2000Charge said that as it continues to grow, its demand for fresh promotional ideas and intuitive advertising has grown as well, hence its need to expand their current marketing resources.

"The manner in which KiwiSourcing handles things for other companies has me delighted to have her come on board and assist with our overall marketing strategies in 2013," COO Ines K said.

"Furthermore, there are not too many people whose actions speak louder than words but ‘Kiwigirl’ has proven to be one of those few that can make things happen or humbly state when she can't which in and of itself is a quality I admire and respect."

For more information, or to schedule an interview with 2000Charge at upcoming trade shows email sales@2000charge.com.