Spankmo's MobGlam Adds Nigeria, South Africa Mobile Billing

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA — Spankmo announced today that its NATS program has added Nigeria and South Africa to its mobile billing.

The company said it is aggressively promoting the website due to the rising use of feature and smartphones in both countries due to the popularity of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Android platforms.

“Because of poor quality fixed line Internet services, surfers have to go mobile to get online — all ideal for sending traffic to,” Spankmo said.

The portfolio of sites offer subscriptions paid by SMS in both countries at a low cost, as most surfers are on prepaid mobile plans.  Spankmo noted that smaller costs to join provide a better chance for users to sign up because they have enough credit on their phones.

In Nigeria, Spankmo sells subscriptions for one hour access, and in South Africa, for just one day.

The all-year NATS cookie policy allows returning surfers with cookies in their browser to rejoin, allowing affiliates to get credit each time.

A 50 percent revenue share is being offered on all sales.