Flava Works Seeks Default Judgment Against Oron

CHICAGO — Flava Works has moved for an entry of default against defunct file-locker site Oron.com, which was served but has not responded to the gay adult company's copyright infringement suit.

Chicago-based Flava Works sued Oron, as well as another file locker, FileSonic, and 26 alleged file sharers for distributing its interracial gay content. Flava Works operates FlavaMen.com, ThugBoy.com, RawRods.com, PapiCock.com and CocoDorm.com, among other websites, and distributes DVDs of its content.

Oron settled similar infringement allegations with Corbin Fisher and currently is locked in another infringement battle with Raging Stallion/Falcon's corporate patent DataTech.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman in Chicago will hear Flava Works' motion for default, as well as the studio's motion to dismiss Maxim Bochenko without prejudice. Bochenko, at one time thought to be Oron's owner,  has denied any connection to FF Magnat, Oron's parent, and Flava Works counsel agrees.

Monday's hearing also will set the stage for prove-up of damages against Oron and its operators, where Flava Works will explain to the court how much it was damaged as a result of file-sharing activities on Oron.

Flava Works has asked the court for Oron to be found liable for direct copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement and inducement of copyright infringement. 

It asks for statutory, compensatory and punitive damages, as well as a permanent injunction and temporary restraining order against the defendants.

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