Girlfriends Films to Shoot Elexis Monroe Benefit DVD

RESEDA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films owner Dan O'Connell said plans are in motion to shoot a special DVD of the company's popular series "Lesbian Sex," with proceeds going to help GFF performer/director Elexis Monroe through her medical treatment.

O'Connell announced the news in GFF's December newsletter.

He wrote: "I’ve always said that the performers in our business are a special group but — outside their work on camera — there are few opportunities when they get to prove themselves and really shine as they are so capable of doing.

"Unfortunate circumstances involving the health of performer and director Elexis Monroe have recently presented such an opportunity, and the response has been overwhelming. Performers and fans from America and Europe have been e-mailing and calling me for updates, and I know that Elexis has been flooded with similar good wishes and inquiries."

O'Connell continued, "Elexis’ problem started with severe dental abscesses which spread without her realizing the real nature and seriousness of the situation.She went to the emergency room over the Thanksgiving holiday, and they got her into emergency surgery the following Monday.

"Girlfriends Films will soon be shooting a special DVD issue of our popular series 'Lesbian Sex' which we want Elexis to host. Performers will donate half their fees to the Elexis fund, and those donations will be matched by Girlfriends Films. Given the number of performers who have submitted their names for the project, it will be a difficult selection process.

"In addition, for December we will be giving Elexis our monthly charity donation of $1,000. Fans are making donations, as well, and Elexis is extremely touched by that act of kindness. Here’s something from an e-mail she just sent me: 'I’m overwhelmed by how the girls and fans are responding. It means a lot. I’ve always believed if you’re a good person and treat people with respect and work hard, good things can happen. Maybe this is that time for me but I’m very pleased.'"

O'Connell concluded, "Elexis is a big part of the Girlfriends Films family, and we are committed to helping her through this difficult time. I’ve just spoken with Elexis and she is very, very touched by the outpouring of support she’s received from performers and fans. She has been posting updates and other information on our Girlfriends Films Forum (, so you can check there for the most recent news.

"Personally, I want to express my not only my thanks but the fact that I’m so very, very proud of our family of performers and fans. I’m really gratified and touched my all of this. The general public often hurls mud at us, but this is proof that you are special people. It makes me want the whole world to see this. Elexis plans to appear at our Girlfriends Films booth at the upcoming [Adult Entertainment Expo], Jan. 16- 19, in Las Vegas."

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Pictured: Elexis Monroe and Dan O'Connell.