On the Set: Wicked Pictures' 'Lisa Ann Can't Say No'

LOS ANGELES — Lisa Ann sits in a makeup chair inside a beautiful bluff-side house in West Hills, Calif., staring out a window at a breathtaking view of what is commonly known as porn valley.

A tiny electric blue robe clings to her petite and tan frame, her ample chest peeking through.  As production crew clamors around her, a smile comes to her lips and she whispers, “Today is a great day for this.”

Today marks the end of shooting for “Lisa Ann Can’t Say No,” a Wicked Pictures showcase featuring Ann in a variety of hardcore scenes built around requests from her large and loyal fan base.

The scene to be shot is a five-man interracial gangbang, the first in Ann’s career to include anal and double-penetrations.

“Lisa loves her fans very much, and she got ideas and suggestions from them for this video,” director Jonathan Morgan explains. “And not just for the sex, but down to the wardrobe, even to what the shoes should be.”

Ann, however, did reserve the right to handpick the male talent she would work with, including those participating in today’s gangbang. Morgan, for one, was pretty surprised by Ann’s choices.

“What is really surprising is that Lisa picked all the guys and… these are gentlemen known for their size,” Morgan says. “For her to do all-anal and all-DP in this scene with them… wow, what a trooper.”

In a white room with white fixtures where the shoot will take place, five black men in black suits sit in wait. They are: Lexington Steele, Prince Yahshua, Jack Napier, T-Reel and Jon Jon. With the exception of Napier, the group’s cutup, the men are cool and collected, soft-spoken in their conversations about sports, daily events and war stories. But that could all change in a minute according to Steele.

“You put a group of black men in a confined space and things are going to get loud,” he warns with a laugh. “That’s just the way it is.”

Things do get loud when action is called for on the set.  The men, vying for pole position, circle Ann as she spreads open on a white chaise lounge chair. Steele moves front and center and Ann begins to scream as he burns rubber.

 It’s off to the races for Morgan, who gets his cameras dangerously close to the piston-pumping penises as they make their way into Ann. The video serves as Morgan’s gangbang directorial debut and his commitment to capturing the scene’s intensity is on full display.

“I never shot a gangbang before,” he says during a break. “I’ve shot orgies and four-ways, but never anything like this. This is going to be a first for me and I’m glad it’s with Lisa Ann.”

The scene picks up again on a couch with Ann as the designated caboose in a vigorous anal train. Jon Jon whispers words of encouragement into her ear. She kisses him and a genuinely sweet and romantic moment is born amidst the debauchery.

“Jon Jon is my rock,” she coos. “I need to have him on my sets just to talk to me.”

When the gangbang ends, Ann looks like she’s been screwed by five well-endowed black guys... that is to say she looks satisfied. A gracious host, she thanks everyone for attending and for working her gangbang.

“It’s been a great day,” she says.