Puba Launches Dani Daniels' Official Website

LOS ANGELES — The Puba network has announced the launch of Dani Daniels' official website,

Daniels has a unique perspective on shooting porn content which lends itself to some creative scenarios with Puba's head of production Ivan.

"I love Dani's artsy fartsy side," Ivan said. "She texts me and says I wanna do this! And I say, 'oh ok and how about this!' Then we compliment each other for a bit while giggling with excitement."

Daniels' career is on the rise as she recently ventured into doing boy/girl scenes, appearing in her first one in "Dani" for Elegant Angel. And as expected she will be doing boys for her website. Daniels received an award nomination for XBIZ Best New Starlet, while Ivan is nominated for XBIZ Director of the Year - Non-Feature. 

Daniels explained, "Puba's awesome. I can be me... I can be Dani. Ivan reads my mind I swear... I look at sets and he tells me ideas and I'm all, "Yes! That's exactly what I wanted!" We compliment well and it's always a great day on set with him and Steve. Not to mention the other Puba girls! Fans can sign up and see scenes how I want them, directed the way I want. Artsy and/or fun. I love it! This site has been worth the wait and I couldn't be happier with it."

Puba said it is increasing its "personal touch" for its members with more weekly updates for paid members of the sites. Puba News will read on the screen which will be followed up by a video update of what is happening in the company. This will be shot and edited similar to Ivan's popular "Slivan" videos on YouTube. But these will be focused strictly on Puba members. "We are always stepping up our game for our girls" co-owner Ben explained. Besides Puba news the members will also get behind-the-scenes videos with weekly raffles/prizes and personal shoutouts from the girls to their site members.

Affiliates may visit and sign up to find all the tools that are needed.