CCBill Debuts Web Validate to Manage Global Business

Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — Payment processor CCBill announced today the release of its latest feature, Web Validate.

Designed to provide merchants with a flexible method to help configure and tailor their offerings to consumers on a regional and local level, Web Validate can be applied to a variety of different scenarios, CCBill says.

“The new Web Validate feature allows merchants to set up rule sets based on country, card type, and card sub-type, and then trigger manual validation for the associated transactions,” said Jason Kirk, brand manager for CCBill. “This lets merchants tailor their offerings based on consumer preferences, economic norms, or regulations for any given region.” 

Recent regulations in the U.K. require age verification be provided for any adult purchases made with debit cards online.

CCBill said that Web Validate provides merchants with a sales path for U.K. debit card transactions.

“While the U.K. regulation illustrates how our new feature can be used, it is just one example,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “The great thing here is the flexibility Web Validate is able to provide. If merchants want to not offer a payment type that just isn’t used by local consumers, they can. If merchants want to limit the use of gift cards across the board, they can. It really does let merchants configure their business to consumers locally, while operating on a global basis.”

Web Validate also can be applied to any other countries in the future that may adopt regulations similar to what the U.K. has in place.

To learn more about this latest CCBill feature, email, or call (800) 510-2859.