Veronica Jett May Testify Against Isaacs in Sentencing Phase

LOS ANGELES — The Justice Department plans on calling a veteran adult entertainment performer to fetish filmmaker Ira Isaacs' upcoming sentencing hearing to testify she suffered mental anguish after filming two films from his "Hollywood Scat Amateurs" series.

The performer, Veronica Jett, is planning to testify that she would have never taken part in the scat films if she had not been high after allegedly being fed drugs by Isaacs at the time of the filming.

Jett, whose real name is Amanda Tibbetts, is a seasoned performer with more than 300 adult film credits.

As a result of shooting scat, she claims she's had to seek professional counseling for her shame, anguish and fear. Further, according to court papers, she feared going out in public.

"She was afraid people were looking at her and thinking 'there is the girl who ate feces,'" said Justice Department attorneys, who noted they'll also call up LAPD Det. Kyle Lewison to recount the story of another performer, Sarah Gray (whose porn name is April), who had similar experiences like Jetts'.

Earlier this month, an LAPD detective provided Justice Department attorneys with new evidence that fetish filmmaker and distributor Ira Isaacs was selling newly advertised and released "obscene" films shortly after he was convicted last May.

The revelation of an undercover purchase of four videos deemed obscene by the LAPD detective was raised by prosecutors as a judge weighs sentencing for Isaacs, who was found guilty in April on five counts of violating federal obscenity laws.

Federal prosecutors have asked for enhanced sentencing that would send Isaacs away for seven years and three months, while Isaacs attorney, Roger Jon Diamond, has asked for a reduction in sentencing.

In federal court documents made available today, Diamond contends the Justice's Department shouldn't be able to convert an obscenity trial into "a totally different trial involving unfounded accusations against Mr. Isaacs."

"By calling [Veronica Jett] and [LAPD Det. Kyle Lewison relative to testimony of] Gray, the government would be attempting to utilize the consenting adults in the movie as so called 'victims,'” Diamond said. "Defendant Isaacs is not charged with rape or committing any crimes upon Jett or Gray. Neither one comes within the  sentencing guideline theory upon which you intend to call these  witnesses."

Diamond added that time does not permit searching for, locating and interviewing potential witnesses to discredit Jetts or Lewison's interview with Gray.

Government attorneys argue that Isaacs should spend more time behind bars because of the allegations that he pushed drugs on the performers.

"[S]ince the defendant continued to provide Tibbets with methamphetamine, she agreed to film a scat scene for the defendant," Justice Department attorneys said. "Ms. Jett will testify that she went to the defendant’s house to film "Hollywood Scat Amateurs #10" with Ms. Gray, and when she  arrived, the defendant provided her and Ms. Gray with methamphetamine, marijuana, and alcohol."

But Diamond said that bringing in new testimony on movies not involved in the Isaacs obscenity case during the sentencing phase raises a host of problems.

"The movies were not the titles which were the subject of the indictment," Diamond said. "In this particular case there have been additional sales of any type of movie that arguably would be covered by the verdict.

"As stated earlier, when the FBI conducted the raid of Mr. Isaacs’ office he readily admitted at that time that he was responsible for the distribution of the movies. He reiterated that position in court a few times when he testified in pretrial proceedings and at two trials. He has always accepted responsibility."

U.S. District Judge George King has not yet scheduled a new sentencing hearing.

A sentencing hearing was called off earlier this month after Lewison said that Isaacs appeared on a KFI-AM talk radio show hosted by David Cruz, asking listeners towards the end of the show to visit his site,, and buy videos.

Lewison ordered and received through the U.S. mail four videos — "Euro Scat Girls," "'My Pony Lover," "Violet: Dog and Pig Fuckers" and "Hot Girl With Dogs" — that weren't part of the Isaacs obscenity trial.