CommerceGate Taps MPA3 for Proprietary Affiliate Program

LONDON — Payment processor CommerceGate has announced that it is now powered by Mansion Productions' MPA3 in beta version.

Bjorn Skarlen, CommerceGate's CEO told XBIZ in London last week, that the processor is rolling out a new state-of-the art proprietary affiliate program based on the MPA3 affiliate tool that will adapt to the local market. The plan, he said, is to sync and utilize the back end, statistics, back office and fraud management for both U.S.- and European-based processing.

"We have been working hard to make it adapt to our system and be the best fit for our clients," Skarlen told XBIZ. "I feel we will bring some new features to the table and make our clients, and now affiliates, more money."

Mansion Productions' Oystein Wright told XBIZ that the CommerceGate's decision to choose the award-winning management software is significant.

"CommerceGate is the second major biller to use the platform; Epoch Stats started using MPA3 in 2006," he said. This means two major billers [in the adult space] are now powered by MPA3 in addition to us selling the individual clients."

Mansion Production's flagship offering, the MPA3 cascading billing and affiliate management system, debuted Version 5 last week at XBIZ EU event in London. Wright, who led a workshop at the conference, explained the hallmark of MPA3 v5 — a dashboard so finely tunable that every user is likely to have a unique setup.