SexEntertain Launches ContentFlow System

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — SexEntertain has announced the launch of its ContentFlow™ system.

Webmasters worldwide can now get creative with SexEntertain content and create highly customized freestanding or inline video content sites, microsites or pages to fit any business need. No programming is required.

SexEntertain specializes in leasing premium adult video content and managed services to leading adult entertainment studios.

SexEntertain's new ContentFlow™ Wizard makes it simple for Membership, Dating, Retail, Traffic and Cam operators to use SexEntertain's huge library of video content to create and deploy new freestanding premium video websites and microsites, trial sites, hosted galleries, tours, video displays or embeddable versions of the same. With a few minutes, and with no coding required, the Wizard can be used to create just about any video display which can be imagined, the company said.

The ContentFlow System gives webmasters control over every aspect of the creative process: 

-Defining which elements of SexEntertain's huge library of Premium Straight, Gay, Tranny and Animated video content to include with any one ContentFlow "Package."
-Defining which one of dozens of highly customizable freestanding or inline (embeddable) design template use.
-Setting rules to include and exclude one or many content categories within any one ContentFlow "Package."
-Setting rules to govern how many videos are provided to consumers and how often they update.
-Setting domains, colors, fonts, background images, header images and just about any other aspect the display.
-Whether to impose viewing limits or display advertisements to specific visitors based on the URL on which the ContentFlow Package is located.

For more advanced users, the ContentFlow API enables secure direct communication with SexEntertain's content services. The ContentFlow API delivers metadata in easily parsed XML which webmasters can store in local databases or format to display directly on page. The ContentFlow API makes simple the process of deeply embedding any movie from SexEntertain's premium content library on any page you control.

RJ, president of Sexentertain, remarked, "The ContentFlow process is so easy: you select, filter, and customize, we host. No coding required. It's just that simple. ContentFlow is a great way to use SexEntertain's blue-chip content libraries to add value to any consumer experience and improve business performance. We remain focused on providing solutions and technology that address the needs of our business clients and studios facing tough competition and ever more discerning consumers."

For orders and demonstrations of our SexEntertain's ContentFlow, or any of SexEntertain's other services and products, visit