CCBill Rolls Out New Merchant System Updates, Features

Bob Johnson

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today the roll out of updates and new features designed to help merchants and affiliates manage their business.

The new offerings include Webhooks, two new European payment options, and a consumer credit system.

“The roll-out of these updates falls right in line with our renewed focus on bringing more tools and features to merchants and affiliates,” Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales and Internet markets said.

He added, “The real-time event-driven reporting of Webhooks is great for receiving up-to-the-minute data, the new payment options offer more methods to connect with European consumers, and the consumer credit system is another way to help retain consumers.”

Webhooks offers customizable posts and communications on a variety of events, enabling the receipt of timely information on anything from a successful new sale to a change in consumer data as it happens.

The new European payment options — GiroPay and iDEAL — offer access to larger audiences on a local level in Germany and the Netherlands, respectively. Operating within the DirectPayEU feature set, both platforms are widely used by consumers in those countries as a preferred method of payment.

Consumer credits is another tool merchants can use to retain consumers by offering incentives to keep a changed subscription active. A credit can be applied to the next rebill on a recurring subscription, or in the case of a single billing occurrence, the credit amount would be refunded to the consumer.

“We are pleased to make these updates available to our valued merchants and their affiliates. As business trends change and different requirements arise, it becomes all the more important that an e-commerce solutions provider takes the changing landscape into account and provides a complete tool set,” Jackson said.

For more information about the updates contact CCBill Support at