CCBill Adds New Measures for Client, Affiliate Support

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced Friday that it has expanded its support for clients and affiliates, a move that company officials say underscores its recent "It matters to you, so it matters to us" campaign.

“Getting started in processing can be a challenge, especially within the high-risk arena and its numerous regulations,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “We have always attempted to help out new clients in any way we can, and our Implementations Team is a great example of this practice. This dedicated group of professionals’ sole goal is to assist in the setup of new accounts, or with adding new services to new subaccounts.”

Jackson said that while the implementation team is focused on new accounts, a trained 24/7 support department is able to offer live assistance for any account.

With the recent additions of online live chat, international toll free numbers, dedicated affiliate support, and expanded staff coverage around the clock, this group can provide custom form support, enhanced training options, and more, he said.

“Our mission is to provide the right type of support when and how our clients need it,” said Lloyd Briggs, director of client support for CCBill. “Whether that is answering a question or two through live chat or working more closely with a client to troubleshoot an issue.”     

Additionally, the client-support team is closely integrated with the implementations team and other support departments such as the consumer support, policy review and fraud groups to ensure all aspects of a question or situation are sufficiently addressed. 

“Helping clients achieve and maintain success has always been a major part of our strategy and operations,” Jackson added. “And these new measures reflect that. After all, if it matters to them (you), it matters to us.”

CCBill is one of the largest processors in the adult space, processing 30,000 sites worldwide. It was founded in 1998.