APHSS Syphilis Testing Program to Start Immediately

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — APHSS says its semi-annual syphilis testing program scheduled for September will instead begin immediately and run through the end of September.

The move follows recent unsubstantiated rumors of a syphilis incident among the U.S. performer population.

“Though there has been no confirmation of these rumors, we have heard the concerns of producers and performers, and their well-being is our primary concern,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “By launching the program early, performers can go to APHSS-recommended testing facilities and get tested for syphilis for free, along with their regular performer tests panel.”

Duke said APHSS made the decision to launch the syphilis testing program immediately in order to alleviate any further concerns.

The program was scheduled for the months of September and March.

The Center for Disease control, the National Institute of Health and the Department of Public Health recommend testing for syphilis only once a year and for highly sexually-active populations twice a year, Duke said.

APHSS policy dictates pro-active procedures to ensure that industry self-regulation protocols are observed, according to Duke. Any cases of syphilis tested within the system would follow those protocols, which includes partner identification.

The testing facilities that will offer free syphilis testing through the end of September include Cutting Edge Testing, SameDayTest.com and STDStatus.com. Contact information for these facilities can be found at the APHSS website.