XBIZ EU Diamond Sponsor AWE to Present Seminar for Models, Webmasters and Media Buyers

Ariana Rodriguez

CYBERSPACE — Diamond Sponsor Adult Webmaster Empire will host a seminar for models, webmasters and media buyers during XBIZ EU 2012, offering attendees a unique insight on how to monetize traffic, cash programs, memberships and dating and solo sites by partnering with LiveJasmin.com.

The industry’s leading international digital media conference XBIZ EU 2012, presented by AWEmpire, returns to the stylish Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel in central London on Sept. 17-19 with a new series of cutting-edge seminars and technology workshops, as well as high-energy business-networking opportunities and exclusive special events set throughout central London.

Award-winning affiliate program AWEmpire will give a presentation on the company’s perception of the industry, its vision of the future of live cams and AWEmpire’s plans for achieving its goals.

Having just launched one of the industry’s highest PPS payout promotions, AWEmpire says the company is excited to meet with existing and potential partners to discuss its latest promotion and the range of recently released tools that webmasters can integrate into a variety of verticals, including premium membership sites, novelty sites and dating sites.

“The leading position is dynamic and the competition to stay several developments ahead of the other guys requires a diligent dual focus,” AWE Senior Authorized Consultant Douglas Richter said. “To continue delivering the industry’s highest quality live video chat user experience, AWE must balance a present focus of delivering the second-to-none tools for webmasters and the industry’s highest payouts for performers with the future focus of discerning what is coming next technically, legally or otherwise. AWE must balance a present focus of responding to affiliates and partner needs as well as staying ahead of the curve by constantly running strategic projects in the background. There is no rest for the leader.”

Markus Laszlo of AWEmpire adds, “AWE is able to lead the live video chat vertical because the program stays ahead of the curve by applying revenue proven principles to all developments. The platform is designed with interactivity in mind, which will always sell and never die. The more easily users can interact directly with performers through an intuitive interface, creating a personal experience; the more engaged they will become with a particular brand.”

Slated for Sept. 17, from 4-5 p.m., the session will be a unique opportunity for membership sites, webmasters, solo model site operators and performers to attend an extremely valuable informational seminar, the company said. The format will be geared towards understanding how LiveJasmin.com works and what lies behind certain ideas and functions. Participants will learn more about the support, technology and tools that made AWE the industry leader and how you are able to gain your program and users access to these amazing features.

“Considering today’s competitive market users are looking for sites that offer increased value; program operators must become savvier at offering additional features that are interesting to their users,” Richter said. “Live sex solves the added-value dilemma by adding an interactive component for users to engage with your exclusive stars or our pool of amateur performers.”

Company representatives will be on location at XBIZ EU to demo the product, provide examples and answer questions regarding seamless integration. They will highlight the latest tools in their arsenal, including the Feature Show API, which will allow models and membership sites a unique product upgrade to offer existing and prospective members.

For more information, visit AWEmpire.com/whitelabel, or email business@awempire.com, marcus@awempire.com or douglas.richter@brightguysinc.com.