Oron Denied Request for Additional Funds

LAS VEGAS -- A federal judge didn't buy Oron's explanation for needing $355,000 in additional funding to keep on operating and has denied its request.

In her order, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro said Oron did not provide any evidence to demonstrate that the money was already used to pay other costs or expenses.

She said that $100,000 in funds earlier withdrawn should have covered Oron's bill with LeaseWeb.

"Furthermore, any future requests must be accompanied by a full accounting of defendants accounts and presented with appropriate documentation and any future requests for additional funds shall state the amount requested in U.S. dollars," she said.

Oron attorneys earlier today stated their request for $355,000 in additional funding in euros, which Corbin Fisher noted in a footnote in its opposition.

"In Oron’s prior motion, it converted the funds it requested from euros to American dollars," Corbin Fisher said in the footnote. "Presumably, it did not do so in the instant motion in the hope that the court would not notice that it was requesting almost the exact same amount."

Gay adult company Corbin Fisher last week sued operators of Oron.com for $34.8 million in damages, alleging they had knowledge of and induced the trading of pirated porn on its site.  

PayPal, AlertPay and CCBill were ordered to freeze Oron accounts; VeriSign also was ordered to freeze the Oron.com domain name from any transfers.  

Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro agreed with Corbin Fisher attorneys that Oron didn't provide any itemization or accounting for the court to consider and allowed it to withdraw only $100,000 to keep the site afloat and pay off lawyers.