Octomom, Jessica Drake Go Coast to Coast on Media Tour

LOS ANGELES — Nadya Suleman and Wicked Girl Jessica Drake are in the midst of a media whirlwind they didnt previously expect when Suleman, aka Octomom, signed on for her first solo porn effort "Octomom Home Alone."

Last week the pair went to Manhattan for a promotional tour that included "The Howard Stern Show" and ABC's "The View." 

Back in L.A., the ladies appearedon HLN's :Dr. Drew," and then Suleman joined Drake on her on own Playboy radio show, "In Bed with Jessica Drake."

Drake remarked, “Howard Stern was the perfect host — he already knew a lot about me and my career as an emerging sex educator. I gave my first interview on coaching Nadya on set and helped her ride the infamous Sybian. The show generated so much interest that the website kept crashing! My personal highlight of the show was when Howard dubbed me ‘the Vagina Whisperer!’”

Two illustrated features based on the ladies’ appearance on the show – Octomom Rides the Sybian and Jessica Drake, Porn Star and Masturbation Coach – have been posted at HowardStern.com.

In reflecting on their appearance on "The View," Drake said, “I was initially apprehensive, but meeting the ladies of the show put both Nadya and I at ease. Sherri Shepard and Whoopi Goldberg were so friendly, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was a very calming presence for Nadya. As I sat in the front row, I noticed how supportive the audience was, and all of my apprehension melted away as Nadya began one of her best interviews yet. Personally, I am pleased to have been a part of the experience - and meeting Whoopi Goldberg backstage was a moment I'll never forget.”

Meanwhile, Drake called "a caring and compassionate person."

"It's obvious that he truly cares about Nadya and her family," she said. "Nadya handled herself beautifully and it was a great opportunity to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions people have about the adult industry."

A collection of explicit vignettes focusing on solo masturbation, director Brad Armstrong shot Suleman in a variety of erotic scenarios, with each taking playful aim at different aspects of the media-established “Octomom” persona.

Suleman said that creating the video was ultimately a voyage of self-discovery. “I’m a more sexual being for having done this," she said. "It's the most powerful and most liberating thing I've ever done.”

Drake added, “Being a part of Nadya's tour to promote 'Octomom Home Alone' was really wonderful. I'm impressed with her growing confidence during interviews, and from 'The Howard Stern Show' to 'The View,' she was very well received and treated with the utmost respect. I think that Brad Armstrong and Nadya both did a great job on this project, and people will be amazed when they see this side of her!”

Scenes from "Octomom Home Alone" can be viewed on Wicked.com. A DVD release is slated for July.