'Amateous' Amateur Android App Reaches 200K Downloads

MONTPELLIER, France — The creators of Amateous, an adult amateur photo-sharing app for Android devices, announced today that the product has complied nearly 35,000 photos and has been downloaded more than 200,000 times in less than six months.

Described as “one of the world’s largest collaborative collections of real amateur pornography,” the product contains images from slightly revealing to full blown hardcore.

The app provides a self-refreshing mosaic of thumbnails that can be enlarged for viewing.

Users take pictures with their smartphone cameras from inside the application which shares them directly for other users to see and comment.

“This is the very reason I created this app in the first place,” the app’s lead developer said. “I was sick of stereotyped porn where all the girls look like out of this world fantasized dolls. I wanted to know for sure that my neighbors are just as kinky as I am, and that threesomes and double penetrations are not just stunts performed by actors but exists in the real world as well. And boy was I right.”

Amateous is now available in the Mikandi Android Store free of charge for Android version 2.1. The developers said it will soon be followed by a new website to reach an even broader audience.

The Mikandi description says that the app can be hidden behind a working calculator that disappears when the user’s code is entered.

“I was going to develop an iPhone version of the app, but deploying porn apps for the iPhone seems really difficult and there is really no good alternative like what Mikandi does for Android devices,” the developer added.

The app can be directly found at Amateous.com.

For more product information email about@amateous.com.