Adam & Eve Poll: Good Sex Means Good Relationships

Bob Johnson

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adam & Eve has released the results of a new poll on the importance of sex in a relationship.

The company canvassed more than 1,000 adults in an independent survey on their thoughts on sex and relationships and found that 88 percent said sex is important in a relationship.

A whopping 53 percent of the men and women polled said sex was “very important” in a relationship, while 34 percent said it was “somewhat important.” Only 12 percent deemed sex “not important” in their relationship.

Adam & Eve’s resident sex expert, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, finds these figures encouraging. “Sexual feelings wax and wane in any relationship, but it’s imperative that we acknowledge our sexual selves,” Dr. Kat said.

She added, “Very often, a healthy sex life equals a healthy relationship.”

The company maintained that it has also seen an upswing in the number of products that couples use together.

“I believe that more people are doing what they can to encourage an exciting sex life… and has a lot of products that help,” Chad Davis, director of marketing said.

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