GameLink Upgrades Mobile Site, Adds Pay-Per-Minute for Apple Users

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — GameLink today announced a series of upgrades to its mobile site, including the addition of mobile pay-per-minute streaming movies for Apple users.

The company said its VOD platform now has one of the largest mobile adult movie catalogs with more than 25,000 full movies available for both Apple and Android devices, and more than 235,000 pay-per-minute scenes available for iPhones or iPads.

With the introduction of mobile pay-per-minute, streaming video consumers now have more freedom in the movies they watch, according to the company.

GameLink said it is dedicated to delivering the best quality streaming on the largest number of devices and will launch full support for Android devices later this year.

These mobile upgrades complement recent advancements in their video delivery network, providing customers with improvements in streaming quality and an overall improved video experience.

“We continue to see rapid growth in traffic using smartphones and tablets and we have moved quickly to provide a compelling experience for this customer base,” GameLink executive Andrew Sullivan said.

He added, “Moreover, customers are expecting to have a seamless user experience across all devices: they may buy on their PC at work and then watch on their phone, tablet, laptop or TV. GameLink has worked hard to position itself as the preferred destination for customers who expect to access content from anywhere on any device."

For more information on the mobile site click here.