Pornhub Offers Pro Football Player $69K to Change Name

LOS ANGELES — Tweeting his love for got pro football player Chad Ochocinco (nee Chad Johnson) an offer of $69,000 to change his name in a clever promotional campaign dreamed up by the tube site.

Last Thursday, Ocho was cut from the New England Patriots for not living up to expectations. His less than stellar performance was highlighted by a dismal outing in the Patriots' Super Bowl XLVI loss to the New York Giants early this year where he caught only one pass.


Once the company realized his openness to changing his moniker (he changed his name to Ochocinco in 2008 to match his jersey number, but later promised to change it back to Johnson to please his fiancé, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada) it jumped on the chance to exploit Ochocinco’s well-tweeted porn habit.

This time Pornhub asked Ochocinco to change his name to Chad Seisnueve (you guessed it…69).

And the company figured now that he’s a free agent he could use the money.

Pornhub’s Corey Price sent Ochocinco a letter asking him to change his name as he was packing his bags saying that they recognized his “endorsement’ for the Pornhub brand.

And Pornhub told Ochocinco it was willing to cough up the cash in the “spirit of fun, to take your fandom for us to the next level.”

Price’s letter of June 6 reads in part: “In short, we would like to extend a proposal for you to legally change your name to Chad Seisnueve on the day of June 9, 2012 for the subsequent 24 hours. As proof, all we require from you is a twitpic of the approved name change registration form accompanied by a @Pornhub hashtag mention. We believe that this partnership can be beneficial to both parties.

“In return for your cooperation and willingness, we will compensate you $69,000.”

No word yet on whether Ochocinco, or Johnson will change again. But then you'd think Pornhub would be OK with his name being "johnson" after all.