JuicyAds Launches New PopUnder Service

TORONTO — Advertising network Juicy Ads announced the launch of its new PopUnder service.  

The company said the new PopUnder service is far less intrusive than interstitials (full-screen ads that take over entire existing windows) and can be installed as a bolt-on to existing JuicyAds services, or as an individual solution for new customers, by simply pasting a short snippet of code to any website. 

“We are excited to launch our PopUnder service for our clients,” said JuicyJay, founder of JuicyAds.  “With JuicyAds it’s always about our customers and what will help them increase revenues.  PopUnders are something that they wanted so we worked to develop one of the easiest PopUnder services in the industry.  Any company that taps JuicyAds’ PopUnder service will immediately enjoy additional revenue for traffic that is already monetized through banner ads and it’s a non-competitive revenue stream.  It’s basically a win across the board.”  

Various companies have been using the BETA version of JuicyAds PopUnders.  According to Arthur from Yobt.com, “JuicyAds PopUnders is the real deal.  They said we were going to make great money and, once again, JuicyAds delivers.” 

According to the company, its PopUnder service is profitable because it’s CPM-based and drives traffic.

Current customers of the service are earning $2 CPM and higher on select countries.  There is no cost for publishers to sign up for the new service. 

The new PopUnder User Interface allows clients more control over their PopUnder campaigns, a step beyond the limited Beta platform, the company said.

“Another differentiating factor between JuicyAds’ PopUnders and the competition’s, is that JuicyAds PopUnders will not annoy surfers of client websites, as JuicyAds only pop once per user, per day,” the company said. 

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