Pink Visual Launches Anti-Piracy Unit DMCAForce

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual has announced the launch of a new intellectual property rights enforcement service, DMCA Force.

Pink Visual President Allison Vivas said that DMCA Force makes affordable for rights-holders to conduct effective anti-piracy campaigns.

DMCA Force’s standard services will include DMCA take-down notification, infringement and take-down monitoring, and the creation of digital finger prints for content owners.

“Our goal is to understand the needs of each individual client, focus on their specific priorities, and to customize an approach that is right for them,” Vivas said. “Since we’ve seen direct results from the creation and monitoring of our own finger prints not only in preventing infringement, but also with monetizing infringement, we wondered why more companies were not fingerprinting their content."

"Beyond common misconceptions concerning the cost of fingerprinting, we found out that many companies had technical barriers to the creation of finger prints. To address that problem, we have designed a system to create and manage digital finger prints on behalf of other companies that requires minimal coordination on their part.” 

The combination of the infringement monitoring and the finger print service also allows DMCA Force to ensure the technology is utilized correctly, Vivas said.

Advanced services offered by DMCA Force will include trademark monitoring, copyright and trademark registration services, litigation target evaluation and litigation evidence packaging. 

“Although we won’t be providing specific legal advice to our clients, we believe we can bridge the gap between business owners and attorneys, and point our clients in the right direction for answers,” Vivas said.

“As rights holders ourselves, and as a company that has been involved in its fair share of copyright litigation, we understand copyright owners’ needs, and we are very familiar with the challenges they face, whether they choose to litigate, or pursue alternative anti-piracy strategies that do not include litigation.”

Vivas said she wants other adult studios to have a sense of empowerment over their content by making anti-piracy efforts easy, inexpensive and centralizing it in one location with one service.

"Of course, we also believe that the more that content owners participate in anti-piracy strategies, the better it is for the overall market when overwhelmingly large amounts of content are no longer available so easily,” Vivas said.