Red Light Consulting Partners With Eucalyptus Systems

Ariana Rodriguez

AUSTIN — Software consulting firm Red Light Consulting has announced its new private and hybrid cloud solution based on Eucalyptus, a widely deployed software platform for on-premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds.

According to RLC, Eucalyptus is a platform proven in its technology and backed by varied industries including government, media/entertainment and high-tech organizations.

"Through cloud computing, we help customers address the battles of spending ever-increasing amounts of money on technology infrastructure, and avoid service level shortfalls that range from slowdowns to collapse during periods of peak loads," says Ophelia Ho, founder of RLC. "Our adult experience and integration team, combined with and Eucalyptus' IaaS private cloud software, will offer a fresh approach to helping vital applications overcome these challenges. Ultimately, this will allow designers and administrators to provide superior service to Adult customers and users."

According to the company, bursts of peak activity caused by marketing campaigns, holiday sales, or social networking driven occasions can lead to performance bottlenecks or crashes, while other assets within one’s data center may be relatively underutilized.

“In a market with high competition, customers are unsympathetic to disruptions or slowdowns, and will quickly take their business elsewhere,” the company said. "Many businesses already have the sufficient capacity to meet their needs, however, fine-tuning the allocation of resources has been problematic and not cost effective until now."

RLC says that by employing Eucalyptus's IaaS on-premise cloud technology, it will be able to create stronger, more stable infrastructures without requiring any modifications, special hardware, or other costly and time-consuming alterations.

Eucalyptus uses existing infrastructure to create a scalable, secure web services layer that abstracts compute, network and storage to offer IaaS. Eucalyptus takes advantage of modern infrastructure virtualization software to create elastic pools that can be dynamically scaled up or down depending on application workloads.

In the coming months, RLC said it will be hosting webinars for early market education on cloud computing and how adult businesses can benefit from cloud computing. RLC also specializes in IT staffing for the adult industry.

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