'Stripper 101' Performers File Suit Against Producer

LAS VEGAS — Five performers at the popular “Stripper 101” pole dancing class and attraction are suing the show’s producer, claiming his company spied on them with surveillance cameras.

But the producer, David Saxe isn’t taking the allegations lying down and is putting up $1 million in a lie-detector challenge to the women in order to clear his name.

Saxe told KTLA News that the charges are false and that the cameras were installed in public areas for security reasons.

"There's nothing that's ever happened inappropriate with those cameras. There's nothing on the Internet. There's no footage that's ever gotten anywhere, period, and they know that," he said.

But the regular performers said they were recorded without their knowledge at times while they changing their outfits.

The women are suing for invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

Stripper 101 in the Miracle Mile Shops near Planet Hollywood, bills itself as "the most popular pole dancing class in the world," where students learn pole dancing, lap dance and striptease moves.

Although the performers are claiming Saxe's challenge is a ruse, they have rejected the offer to take the lie-detector test.

"They can say all day long, ‘Oh, this is a gimmick. This is a PR stunt.' You're damn right it's a PR stunt. Fighting for my image right now. I'm fighting for what's right," Saxe said.

The women are still working as instructors, but Saxe says he's prepared to continue the fight and win.