ICM Registry Rolls Out XXX.XXX Directory

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — ICM Registry has launched a directory for developed .XXX sites — XXX.XXX.

The "Look Who Is Using .XXX" website directory currently has about 130 .XXX sites listed with rotating linkable large and small banner ads.

XXX.XXX also is accepting additional .XXX sites for the directory listing. Operators with developed .XXX sites can submit requests to ICM Registry through a form located on the site's home page.

ICM Registry so far has 218,000 .XXX domains under its management, the company said earlier this month. Of those 218,000, 135,000 of them are active .XXX registrations; the balance, 83,000, are defensive Sunrise B reservations or other reserved names. Only a fraction of the active sites are fully developed.