OCCash Debuts FilthFreaksTV.com for Roku, Playstation

LOS ANGELES — OCCash introduced FilthFreaksTV.com today that allows users to watch porn on TV st top boxes via its FilthFreaksTV channel.

The company said viewers can watch more than 15,000 movies streaming instantly online using the Roku set top box, Playstation 3, or Logitech Revue powered by Google TV.

Apple and Android phones and tablets are also supported.

“Despite porn’s proliferation onto computers and mobile devices, there will always be the element always be the ‘old school’ element of porn fans that just want to watch porn on their TV without having DVDs lying everywhere for the wife and kids to find,” the company noted.

In 2012 Roku revamped its hardware line, added casual gaming as well as paid apps, according to OCCash, and has doubled its sales since the 2010 Apple TV launch.

“Like the Roku boxes themselves, we’ve kept the price point low and will keep adding new movies from our exclusive library of content to the channel weekly, so we expect to have great retention,” OCCash said.

The company maintained that because there’s little competition in the Roku/Playstation/Google TV market, a few well placed SEO blog postings or forum posts could help generate sales.

For business development information contact jay@occash.com.

Affilaites can contact jeffk@occash.com for support or to sign up.